2017-09-08 / Viewpoint


Pvt. Nicholas Reuther

This week’s warrior to spotlight in Pvt. Nicholas Reuther, a native of Silver Lake, Ohio, who is a radio operator-maintainer while assigned to the 369th Signal Battalion. Reuther enlisted in September 2016 from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He joined the Army because he wanted to defend his country, which he believes it is an obligation for every qualified person should attempt. The army is a great opportunity for his education, career, and personal development.

He wanted to prove to himself that not only does he believe in honor, duty, and integrity, but that there were qualities that he live out.

His two served in the Army, one being part of World War II.

Reuther’s current goal for the next four years during his Army career is to get his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.

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