2013-09-13 / Spectrum

AIT Warrior Spotlight

Photo courtesy of the 15th Signal Brigade Photo courtesy of the 15th Signal Brigade Note: A weekly feature showcasing the newest members of the United States Army, young Soldiers who are attending Advanced Individual Training in their selected Military Occupational Specialty, will be featured in the Signal. These Soldiers have been selected by their chain of command based on achievement and in keeping with what it means to live the Army values.

Say hello to 18-year old Pfc. Andy O. Reyes, 15th Signal Brigade. Plummer is currently in training for MOS 25U, signal support systems specialist, and joined the Army in June 2013, the first of his family to serve his nation. What inspired him to join was the event at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. “After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, I organized an event and presented a proposal to the high school principal to do a concert at Lake Gibson High School to raise money for the Newtown Memorial Fund,” he said. “The fundraiser took place January 25. I was the battalion commander in JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Candidate) and was in charge of the event. We created shirts for the event as well as wristbands. The concert consisted of dancers and rappers as well as cheerleaders and a local soft rock band. I advertised through my school news paper as well as an interview with a radio station. The concert was successful. We raised over $1,970 for the Newtown Memorial Fund.” Another motivator for his joining the Army was education. Reyes said he wanted to start his career early and not be in debt when he goes to college like many of his friends. The short-term goal for this new Soldier is to get married in December. Reyes long-term goal is to “attend OCS (officer candidate school) and retire from the Army.”

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