2013-08-30 / Viewpoint

AIT Warrior Spotlight

Photo courtesy of the 15th Signal Brigade Photo courtesy of the 15th Signal Brigade Note: A new weekly feature showcasing the newest members of the United States Army, young Soldiers who are attending Advanced Individual Training in their selected Military Occupational Specialty, will be featured in the Signal. These Soldiers have been selected by their chain of command based on achievement and in keeping with what it means to live the Army values.

Say hello to Pvt. Bobby Hunt, C Company, 447th Signal Battalion, 15th Signal Brigade. Hunt is currently in training for MOS 25B, information technology specialist, and joined the Army in March 2012 to pay homage to his brother who had recently died. Originally from Chicago, Hunt played on the state championship baseball team for Lisle Senior High School. It was the first state championship in the history of the school. Hunt’s team was honored at a Chicago Cubs baseball game by throwing out the first pitch. However for Hunt there was a higher calling, that of serving his nation. He was unable to attend the historic Cubs game as he was away at basic training. The short-term goal for this new Soldier is to complete AIT and be promoted to sergeant “… as fast as I can.” His long-term goal is to become a command sergeant major and “… do all I can to help with the progress of the United States Army.”

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