2013-08-23 / Front Page

Range renovations improve training for installation MPs

By Nick Spinelli
Fort Gordon Public Affairs Office

Fort Gordon’s Range 10 is currently undergoing renovations to provide better training opportunities for the installations military police force.

“The range is being developed into a course designed specifically for installation police,” said Don McClean, Range Control special projects officer.

According to McLean, the range has been designed to fit specifications laid out in military police manuals and laid out to fit their need. The course allows for training with both pistols and rifles, and even offers sniper qualification.

“There were changes in the qualifications for military police and the old range didn’t meet them,” said Capt. Scott Russ, Fort Gordon Directorate of Emergency Services chief of operations and training. “Range Control was very gracious and redesigned it so that we could do all the training we need to on that range.”

The redesigned range has been open for approximately threemonths and Russ says it has been extremely helpful in qualifying borrowed military manpower who have been supplementing the military police during furlough months.

The upgrades are far from complete, however. Construction will soon begin on two new areas: a “glass house” where senior leaders can observe and practice fundamentals of room clearing with military police, and a “shoot house” which will allow for live-fire training.

“The glass house is a place where instructors and observers will be able to explain how to clear a room correctly and safely, and the shoot house will provide military police with a safe 360 degree area of fire for practical training,” said McLean.

The glass house is projected to be completed within a month to six weeks – depending on weather and manning issues – and the shoot house should be finished sometime after that.

“We’re looking forward to having the whole thing completed,” Russ said. “We’ve needed somewhere where we can safely conduct live fire training, and Range Control is providing that. They asked what we wanted, did the necessary research, and are giving us what we need.”

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