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Cyber Snapshot: Sgt. Drew Madsen

Mike Milford
U.S. Army Cyber Command

Sgt. Drew Madsen, cyber operations noncommissioned officer, Army Cyber Protection Brigade William Roche / U.S. Army Cyber Command Sgt. Drew Madsen, cyber operations noncommissioned officer, Army Cyber Protection Brigade William Roche / U.S. Army Cyber Command Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Military occupational specialty: Cryptologic cyberspace intelligence collector/analyst (MOS 35Q)

Duty title: Cyber operations noncommissioned officer

Quick sketch:

• Currently assigned to Headquarters and A Company, 1st Cyber Battalion, Cyber Protection Brigade, Fort Gordon, Georgia, as a network security analyst.

• Participated in the Cyber Support to Corps and Below pilot program with the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California.

• Supported real-world operations with the 151st Cyber Protection Team and supporting U.S. Cyber Command.

• Completed the Army’s Basic Airborne Course, earning his jump wings in December 2018.

• Currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer networks and cybersecurity.

Why he chose the Army as a career:

“With the current rate of technological advancement in the world, the United States Army is also developing its cyber domain, which includes people, processes and supporting technologies. I wanted to be part of developing that corps from its infancy, through operational trials, and full implementation, thus helping to establish those systems, processes and doctrine that would be used for many years.”

Rewards, challenges of being Army cyber-warrior:

“The rewards of being a cyber warrior greatly outweigh the challenges that come with the MOS. Being able to provide a skillset to multiple domains, supporting the joint environment that supports worldwide operations, provides me with the highest job satisfaction. The challenges of being a cyber warrior would include being able to keep up with the ever-evolving technological world that we live in”

“Furthermore, the challenges of cyber operations, including the high (operational tempo) and the ability to operate globally supporting coalition partners provides job satisfaction that I cannot receive elsewhere. Unlike other MOSs that are trained for a specific function on a specific target set, cyber warriors have to be adaptable to an environment that can change every day based on a dynamic that is dependent on individuals and equipment.”

What it takes to succeed as Army cyber-career warrior:

“Progression in knowledge, on a daily basis, is the key to succeeding as a cyber warrior. At its current rate, technology and methodologies evolve every two weeks. Cyber warriors must be adaptable in this environment, continuously training and working to safeguard our networks and infrastructure from the adversary. Cyber is not just a 9-to-5 office job, but a discipline that must continually grow with the industry, meeting and exceeding the adversary’s capabilities.”

What he would like people toknowaboutArmycyber:

“Army Cyber is a young branch with a lot of room for growth, both professionally and personally. Cyber warriors are provided the unique opportunity to earn entry-level through intermediate level (information technology) certificates, along with real-world experience, and unique leadership opportunities. This culminates in the development of adaptable, agile and capable leaders that will help structure the future of Army Cyber. Although a very technical MOS, cyber warriors remain competent in their warrior tasks and battle drills, (and) train physically and mentally to support the greatest fighting force in the world.”

For information on the Army’s cyber officer, warrant officer and noncommissioned officer programs, visit:

• GoArmy.com: https://www.goarmy.com/army-cyber/armycyber training.html

• U.S. Army Recruiting Command: http://www.usarec. army.mil/hq/warrant/prerequ/ WO170A.shtml

• U.S. Army Human Resources Command (CAC access required): https://www.hrc.army. mil/content/Welcome%20to%20 HRC%20Cyber%20Branch%20 Assignment%20Management

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