2019-03-08 / News Update

Conservation program suspended

On March 1, the Department of the Army decided to suspend the Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Energy Conservation Program until further notice. As residents are aware, this program was implemented by the Army to promote energy conservation in privatized housing by providing incentives to residents for decreased utility consumption.

Fort Gordon residents will no longer be billed for above average utility consumption, nor receive rebates for below average utility consumption. All pending rebates for activity prior to March 1 will be paid within the next two weeks. Please note, residents who had set up automatic payments for utility billing should cancel those services going forward. Your monthly utility use will continue to be tracked and you will continue to receive a monthly consumption report or “mock bill” for informational purposes only. No action will be required on your part.

The Army will be using this time to perform a comprehensive review of the program and all associated data collection and billing methodology. We greatly appreciate your participation in this important initiative and your continued efforts to use utility resources wisely.

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