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Top Facebook Town Hall questions and answers

Fort Gordon Garrison Directorates

Q: Can you share the plans for new housing on the installation?

A: Col. Jim Clifford: USAG is negotiating with our housing partner, BBC, to fund and build new houses, and tear down some older homes. We have some broad conceptual agreements, but until we lock in funding, I can’t commit to the total number of homes that will be built over the next five years.

We are currently demolishing some older homes in Maglin Terrace to make room for E-9 housing, with our next goal of replacing a certain number of homes in Gordon Terrace.

We have no current plans to replace housing in Olive Terrace, Lakeview Terrace, or McNair Terrace.

Q: Why does the new system for pharmacy pickup take even longer than previously?

A: Eisenhower Army Medical Center: The system is new to both sides of the screen, and we’re working to streamline the process. Your suggestions will be valuable input. Please contact us offline about your experiences.

Q: When did it become OK to allow promotion of particular communities on military installations? If it’s not all, there should be none. Paying for advertisement should not be the “reason why.” Columbia County is clearly being touted the “Gateway,” giving it an advantage that doesn’t benefit its local roadways at all.

A: Col. Jim Clifford: Thanks for your comment. Are you referring to advertisements on the Fort Gordon MWR page verses the official Fort Gordon Facebook page or webpage?

Q: MWR page, which is a Fort Gordon sponsored page, correct?

Col. Jim Clifford: It is, but MWR is run as a business enterprise, hence any CSRA member can choose to pay to advertise there. I spend a fair amount of my personal time dealing with the surrounding counties and city leadership, and I make sure they are aware of the opportunities to get their respective messages out here on post – whether that be through the post newspaper, MWR advertising, or through our FRG channels.

Recently I linked the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce to our FRG newsletter so they can get their community events advertised with our population. With the upcoming cyber and electronic warfare growth, there are residential and commercial opportunities for all members of the CSRA –two states, and seven counties.

Q: I understand your position on the subject. Regardless, as a citizen of the CSRA, the traffic in that area is of great concern to me. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Col. Jim Clifford: We continue to monitor the situation with regards to traffic and our neighboring counties. Thanks for your comments in this forum.

Q: Eisenhower prides itself in 5-star healthcare, but why is it so hard to get adequate care there? Instead of taking care of the patient properly the first time, it’s “let’s pop you full of pills and see you at refill time.” I can’t count on one hand how many time the Doctors have held back knowing injuries for months until a random doctor goes, “Did someone tell you about this?” Let’s not forget [there are] not

enough providers or clinic space to adequately treat the demand that is here. Instead, it’s “call at 7 a.m.,” and they are full so you need to go to the ER.

A: Eisenhower Army Medical Center: Ma’am, we strive to provide you the best in healthcare and sincerely value and appreciate your frustration. Our patient experience office is available to take your concerns and ensure they are appropriately addressed. They can be reached by calling 706-787-4656, or you can visit them on the 2nd floor of our facility.

Q: Why is [the Facebook Town Hall] no longer held in the evening when more people have the time attend like it used to be?

A: Col. Jim Clifford: U.S. Army Garrison has done it in the evening in the past, with little participation. We’ve held this forum at 3 p.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p.m. with similar participation rates. I’m open to conducting this venue at later times, but the feedback we received the last time we conducted this in the evening was that lunchtime was a better option.

(Q&A compiled from the Jan. 16 Facebook Town Hall event: https://www.facebook.com/ events/1674393549326891/)

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