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Use leave or lose it

Charlene Howell
Fort Gordon Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

Courtesy photo Courtesy photo Employees who accrue annual leave in excess of 240 hours must use it by the end of the leave year or it will not carry over and is forfeited – hence the term “use it or lose it.”

Federal employees wanting to schedule “use it or lose it” annual leave only have a few days left before their excess annual days are forfeited.

The 2018 civilian employee leave year ends Jan. 5, and civilians who have more than the maximum 240 hours of annual leave on that date risk losing their leave.

Employees with more than 240 hours of annual leave accrued, and do not plan to use it, can opt to donate the excess leave to any federal employee participating in the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP).

Employees who are concerned they would not be able to use all of their “use it or lose it” leave by the end of the leave year are encouraged to donate it to the VLTP which helps out fellow employees and their families experiencing medical emergencies.

If you are unable to use it and want someone to benefit from it, there are many employees who could use some help.

The Fort Gordon VLTP coordinator can explain how the leave donation program works.

Hundreds of hours of annual leave are lost each leave year due primarily to miscalculations. Those hours represent valuable resources in time and money.

No employee should lose leave unless unforeseen mission-related emergencies occur.

The VLTP offers a viable alternative for those individuals who wish to donate their excess annual leave to eligible federal employees.

On behalf of the VLTP recipients, the Fort Gordon Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) would like to express sincere appreciation for your generosity.

For additional information regarding VLTP procedures, please contact the Fort Gordon CPAC, VLTP coordinator, Charlene Howell at (706) 791-8063 or e-mail charlene.e.howell.civ@mail.mil.

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