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Army has zero tolerance for cannabis oil

Laura Levering
Fort Gordon Public Affairs Office

The Army has a zero tolerance policy for cannabidiol (CBD) oil and similar substances.

In an effort to ensure the safety and wellness of the community, Fort Gordon officials are working to eliminate its presence and usage on the installation.

Per Army Regulation 600-85, The Army Substance Abuse Program, Soldiers are prohibited from using synthetic cannabis, to include synthetic blends using CBD oil, or any other substance similarly designed to mimic the effects of a controlled substance.

Fort Gordon Garrison Commander Col. Jim Clifford emphasized that Fort Gordon’s policy regarding CBD oil is the same as the Army’s policy.

“CBD oils are illegal on Army installations, so although you can purchase these oils legally in the state of Georgia, you may not possess them on the installation,” Clifford said.

A recent All Army Activities (ALARACT) message noted there have been more than 60 patients at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, with medical issues likely connected to the use of such substances.

The message went on to state, “It is critical for users of e-cigarettes and/or vaporizer pens to ensure that the products they purchase do not contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil, CBD in any form, or synthetic cannabinoids of any kind.”

The Army views CBD oil as an emerging public health threat and is urging leaders to talk to their Soldiers about its potential adverse health effects, which include but are not limited to nausea, headaches, hallucinations, seizures, loss of consciousness, and palpitations.

A lack of federal regulation on products containing CBD oil could make it easy for people to purchase the substance without seeking it. Clifford said he is aware of several businesses in the area that may sell the substance and is currently exploring the possibility of placing those business off limits to Servicemembers.

“We’ve formally notified them that we know – or we think – that they are selling (CBD) oils, and give them an opportunity to rebut or to make their case to us,” Clifford said.

Some of the businesses have requested a court hearing, at which time a final determination will be made over whether or not the business will be placed off limits.

“This is to protect the Servicemembers ... It’s a process,” he said.

Anyone found to be in possession of the substance will be subject to arrest and potentially other disciplinary actions. The GC said a number of individuals – both civilian and military personnel – have been arrested on the installation for possession.

“All we’re doing, from Fort Gordon’s perspective, is getting in line with what the Army is telling us we have to do,” Clifford said.

If you see CBD oil or suspect its use on Fort Gordon, call the military police at (706) 791- 4380.

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