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Courtesy Courtesy Tuesday was #PurpleHeartDay, which recognizes not only the merit but more importantly the men and women killed and wounded in combat who have earned the badge of honor.

Sandie Sanderson: DDay surviver, all the way to the Battle of the Bulge, Purple Heart too.

Philip Spiro: My dad, RM3c Victor Spiro, received The Purple Heart for wounds received when his ship, USS Salute AM-294, struck a mine during sweeping operation in Brunei Bay, Borneo. His ship was a minesweeper. The mine was high in the water and his ship struck it along the side (I don’t remember if it was port or stern). He had been standing at the point of impact, talking w/a shipmate and began walking aft shortly before impact. He was thrown about 10 feet in the air and landed on the deck on his butt. His shipmate was one of the fatalities that day.

RM3c Victor Spiro Courtesy RM3c Victor Spiro Courtesy Kevin Doty: I didn’t know that we had a Purple Heart day! I will never forget the brother’s around me who didn’t make it home alive. God bless their souls. U. S. Army: Kevin, Purple Heart Day has actually been around since 1932.

Sharon Houghton Grasshoff: Remembering Captain Andrew R. Houghton who died 8/9/04 from wounds received in Iraq. He is buried at West Point. Hero.

Cindy Mathieson: Sgt. Wesley Calvin Rogers, my grandfather received his for his combat injury incurred during the taking of Saipan in June of 1944. He returned to the US to live for another 40 years as a daddy, grandpa and hardworking veteran.

Captain Andrew R. Houghton Courtesy Captain Andrew R. Houghton Courtesy

Sgt. Wesley Calvin Rogers Courtesy Sgt. Wesley Calvin Rogers Courtesy

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