2018-04-13 / Viewpoint

National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. The Army’s theme is “SHARP: Shaping a Culture of Trust.” This theme reinforces the Army’s goal of sustaining the faith between the American Public, its Army, and the Soldier.

The Army is a multi-generational, ethnically diverse, and gender-integrated force across all echelons where trust is the foundation in all we do. In order to recruit and retain a ready and professional force, we need to continue to place emphasis on the elimination of sexual harassment and sexual assault from our formations.

The SHARP program is now woven into the fabric of our culture. Borrowing from the idea of the Greek historian Thucydides---preventing violence is the honorable action to take---the Army is thriving to prevent sexual violence in our ranks as an honorable endeavor by addressing sexual offenses from a prevention-focused approach grounded in trust, dignity, and respect.

Army Professionals understand that sexual harassment and sexual assault are counterintuitive to the Army Ethic. This month, and throughout the year, we urge the Total Army Team to commit to and support the Army’s goal of preventing sexual violence through engaged leaders and empowered Soldiers and civilians who shape culture of trust.

Army Strong!

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