2018-02-09 / Viewpoint

No texting while driving

Campaign to curb distracted driving is running through Feb. 14
Fort Gordon Directorate of Emergency Services

MCC photo MCC photo Fort Gordon Law Enforcement, in conjunction with the Georgia Highway Patrol, will begin the “Don’t Text and Drive in Georgia” campaign from Feb. 1-14.

Fort Gordon Chief of Police Willie McClinton Jr. stated, “Drivers are running into structures, they are running into other cars, they are departing the roadway, crossing the center line – and all those are symptomatic of distracted driving particularly texting”

It is misconstrued that most texting while driving violations are predominantly geared toward teens and young adults.

Fort Gordon Law Enforcement Military and Department of the Army Civilian Police have written 271 citations for “Use of cell phone while driving” for all FY 17, none of them were issued to young adults.

An individual operating a motor vehicle while attempting to send or receive a text message usually will take their eyes off the road 5 seconds on average. An individual driving 55 miles per hour on a roadway for 5 seconds is equivalent to driving the length of an entire football field.

If we are to reduce the number of fatal accidents that occur daily from those texting and driving, it will take more than just words, McClinton stated.

Everyone should be fully aware of the dangers of being distracted while behind the wheel by texting, but we as a whole need to apply what we know. Bottom line – don’t text and drive, and if you know someone who does, encourage them to stop before it is too late.

You can always take the time to pull over somewhere safely to address the text message or wait until you arrive at your destination to answer it. Better safe than sorry is always a good rule to go by. Be smarter than your smartphone!

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