2018-01-12 / Viewpoint

New Tax Center location and staff to offer better service

Capt. Anthony Avitable
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

View video on SJA hot topic at https://youtu.be/D-LWnlCYUIc. 
Courtesy photo View video on SJA hot topic at https://youtu.be/D-LWnlCYUIc. Courtesy photo As the New Year rolls in, the men and women of the Fort Gordon Tax Center look forward to another great season of service and savings. The Fort Gordon Tax Center provides free preparation and filing of State and Federal income tax for active-duty Servicemembers, retirees, and their dependents.

The Tax Center is staffed by Servicemembers from across Fort Gordon who are trained and certified by the Internal Revenue Service. Last year, the Fort Gordon Tax Center prepared over 5,000 tax returns and saved its clients over $650,000 in filing and preparation fees.

The Fort Gordon Community received refunds totaling over $5,000,000, with those taxpayers who filed digitally receiving their refund in 7 to 10 business days.

This year, the Tax Center will be located in room 224 of Darling Hall, a familiar and central location that we believe will balance space and privacy, and afford the tax preparers the best environment to serve you.

The Tax Center will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony Jan. 26 and will be officially open for business Jan. 29. Operating hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Clients will be seen by appointment and walk-ins will be seen based upon availability. Appointments can be made over the phone at (706)787-1040 or (706)787-1944.

In order to help us make your tax preparation go as smoothly as possible, we ask that you bring the following documents to your appointment: any and all W-2s, check myPay as your W-2s will be available throughout January);1099- Rs; 1099-MISCs; 1099-Ins; 1099-DIVs; 1099-SS; form 8332 if you are allowing another parent to claim your child as an exemption; your December bank statement; all your receipts if you intend to itemize; any paperwork relating to investments or brokerage accounts for which you did not receive a document from the IRS; closing documents if you purchased or sold a home; any documents that report a withholding; your banking information (routing number and account number); your 2016 State and Federal return; your Social Security card and the Social Security card of any dependents; and photo ID.

We understand the hectic schedules of our military families, so for those couples who cannot attend the same appointment, we can make special arrangements to meet with each spouse separately to prepare the return.

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