2017-12-08 / Chaplain's News

As a person, always be exceptionally faithful

Chaplain (Maj.) Matthew Sprecher
Center Chaplain’s Office

In our modern culture of pop stars and social media, countless people have fallen into the trap of believing that in order to be successful you must be exceptional, spectacular, or famous.

At an early age, children are inundated with the idea that they must be above average or they are worthless.

They must be an honor student or they are stupid. They must receive a trophy or they are a loser.

While searching for popular acceptance and “likes” on social media, many have resorted to extreme behavior often injuring themselves and hurting others.

One of the difficulties with our fixation on always being above average is that it is by definition exclusionary. If I am above average, then someone else must be below average.

Too many people try to make themselves feel superior by making others feel inferior. They are no longer striving to be their best. They are detoured by trying to be better than someone else.

Others go through life feeling depressed because in one area or another they have been judged by others or themselves as below average.

They are so blinded by the thought that others are better at something that they never reach their own fullest potential.

While it is true that each person is uniquely and wonderfully created by a loving God (Psalm 139:14), it is equally true that we are never called to be famous, spectacular or even above average.

God has called us to a different standard. God wants us to be faithful (1 Corinthians 4:2).

Faithfulness is one of God’s prominent characteristics (1 Corinthians 1:9) and faithfulness is highly valued in his children (Numbers 12:7).

God has wonderfully created each person and has uniquely gifted each person with different strengths and talents.

Practically speaking, everyone has areas where they are above average and areas where they are below average, but that is not what is important to God.

God requires that we faithfully exercise the strengths and abilities we have. The great thing about this is that everyone can be faithful. No one is excluded.

So no matter what your natural talents or abilities in life, be faithful. No matter what your present position in life, be faithful.

If you are married, be a faithful spouse. If you are a parent, be a faithful parent. If you are a child, be a faithful son or daughter.

If you are a friend, be a faithful friend. If you are a leader, be a faithful leader. If you are a follower, be a faithful follower.

In everything be exceptionally faithful.

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