2017-10-13 / Chaplain's News

Reversing fear to become one’s courage

Chaplain (Col.) Mark E. Thompson
7th Signal Command (Theater)

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”

It’s getting real! Next week I sit down with my financial planner to review my retirement option, putting investments into safe places, estimating my income and so on.

Yes, I fear retirement for a couple of reasons. The obvious is that I have done this for 28 years and I do not know what is next, just that I have to keep doing something. The other is that I love what I do and I will miss it.

What is important to understand is that fear is an obstacle you impose upon yourself. The power of any fear is the power you choose to give it. And just as surely as you choose to fear, you can choose to move beyond that fear.

In an instant you can transform the power of fear into the power of courage. Fear will grab your attention, and warn you of very real dangers. Fear will heighten your awareness and compel you to be fully prepared, and those are very good and useful things.

But once the fear has done its job, your job is to move forward. Let the fear prepare you, and then quickly do what you have prepared to do.

Power, progress, achievement and fulfillment all come from facing your fears. By doing what you fear, you gain rock-solid confidence and vastly increase your effectiveness.

Whenever you feel fear, you are also feeling your potential for courage. Go ahead, feel the fear, and then let that courage of yours spring to life.

The fact that you can feel the fear means you also have the courage to get beyond it. Otherwise, the fear would serve no useful purpose.

Put your fears to good use by allowing them to ignite your courage. Put that courage to good use by utilizing it to move toward positive, meaningful objectives. Feel the fear and know it means you have the courage.

Admit to being frightened, and your courage will grow. Admit to not knowing, and you will learn. Admit your weaknesses, and you’ll become stronger. Admit your mistakes, and you’ll begin to move past them.

Admit you don’t know what to say, and you’ll have said just the right thing. Admit that you’re confused, and you’ll begin to understand.

Admit that you’re hurting, and you’ll begin to heal. Admit that you care, and the things that truly matter will grow stronger.

Being honest with yourself, with others, with life, can often be difficult and intimidating. Yet honesty is always the most reliable, the most direct route to truly attain whatever you seek, including the courage to move forward.

You have plenty of things to worry about. And yet, worrying won’t accomplish anything positive. Though life has many actual and potential difficulties, those difficulties are easily outnumbered by the positive possibilities.

You have the courage to live, fully and from the heart, and to continue bringing those positive possibilities to life. Every moment is precious, so give each moment the respect and attention it deserves. You certainly don’t want to waste your time being resentful or fearful about other times.

You have so very much to give to life, so put your focus on being your most positive and most effective self. Use your energy to create maximum value and meaning out of every day.

Life has its daunting challenges, and you absolutely have the courage to face every one. The more you make use of that courage, the more invincible it becomes.

Your courage to live has brought you here. Use it now, and again and again, and bring more great value to life.

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