2017-10-06 / Viewpoint

Stay safe this Columbus Day weekend

U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon

Columbus Day, celebrated on the second Monday in October, marks the beginning of the fall season and commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. During this holiday weekend, many of us conduct various activities such as taking the boat out one last time before the winter season, grilling out with friends and family, or participating in Oktoberfest events. As always, regardless of the activity, we must keep in mind safety by identifying and taking measures to mitigate hazards leading to injury or accidents.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Each of you have as much authority as CSM Simmons and I to stop or mitigate circumstances that could harm someone’s life or result in injury. You can make the difference in protecting lives!

The recent loss of one of our senior Soldiers due to a motorcycle accident is a sobering reminder that the number one killer of service members continues to be privately owned vehicle accidents. We must always be aware of other drivers, road conditions, and driving abilities when operating POVs. Plan your trips well in advance of your travel dates, monitor the weather conditions for all activities, get proper rest, and never text and drive.

Unit commanders will ensure vehicle safety inspections and safety briefings are conducted prior to the long weekend. Safety briefings must include safe driving techniques, proper use of seatbelts, and not texting while driving.

CSM Simmons and I encourage you to enjoy this holiday and change of season by incorporating safe practices into your planned activities. We look forward to seeing you upon your return. Thank you for your service to our Nation!

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