2017-10-06 / Chaplain's News

When life unfolds, always choose a response

Chaplain (Col.) Mark E. Thompson
7th Signal Command (Theater)

I was having a challenging day yesterday. Times on one of my training classes got messed up. I drove an hour and a half each way to look at a 4x4 ATV that turned out to be 2x4. I lost my phone and other important documents. My son was there as he had come for dinner and was trying to help me find the phone. I do not believe I was very polite to him. I was frustrated! I allowed the situation, the circumstances to affect the way I treated another person. And my own son no less! (I left the phone at the tennis courts and our friends found it and brought it to us!)

My point is, you cannot always choose your circumstances, or the events that unfold in your world. Yet in every case what you can choose, must choose, always do choose, is your response. Today you’ll have multiple opportunities to make that choice. Multiple opportunities to steer life in one direction or another.

If they’re scattered, inconsistent, and without much purpose, your responses are largely wasted. When they’re focused, intentional, positive, those responses will band together and enable great achievement. Every response matters, because it is part of the overall pattern. Every response matters, because it sets the tone for the next response.

Right now, set before yourself the intention, the commitment to follow a specific positive purpose. Right now, decide to focus all your responses in the direction of that purpose. You have great power, and it comes to you throughout the day as you respond to whatever life presents. Don’t give that power away to other people or to circumstances in your life! Choose to use that power, in a caring, loving, meaningful way, with each and every response. And you will be amazed at how much brighter your days will be!

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