2017-05-19 / Viewpoint

Leadership addresses safety Memorial Day weekend, beginning of summer

U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon Commanding General

On May 29, we remember and pay tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our great nation. Memorial Day is set aside as a time to pay tribute, honor our fallen comrades, and to give thanks to all service members.

Traditionally, the Memorial Day weekend signifies the beginning of the summer season. Increased travel, barbecues, water related activities, and warmer weather are the catalyst for a historical increase in offduty accidents with injuries. We must exercise care and identify the inherent risk involved with all summer activities.

We encourage everyone to exercise good judgement when traveling the roadways, especially when riding motorcycles. Commanders will ensure vehicle safety inspections are current and conduct safety briefings accordingly. Safety briefings should always emphasize seatbelt usage, hazards of drinking and driving, and to never text and drive. Additionally recreational water activities must be addressed in our safety briefings from boating to swimming in pools, lakes and the ocean.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Each of you has as much authority as myself and Command Sergeant Major Simmons to stop or mitigate circumstances that could save someone’s life or prevent injury.

We thank you for all you do for our nation and our Army. Enjoy this historic weekend with your family and friends and always exercise safe practices. We look forward to having a great summer season and your safe return!

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