2017-04-21 / Community Events


April is National Financial Literacy Month

Starting in 2004, both Houses of Congress pass resolutions each year declaring April as National Financial Literacy Month. National Financial Literacy Month, sometimes referred to as National Financial Capability Month, is a month-long campaign to raise public awareness about the importance of financial literacy and the need for financial education.

Thrift Savings Plan

Of the more than 300,000 employees supported by the Army Benefits Center- Civilian commonly referred to as ABC-C, 31 percent of FERS employees and 53 percent of CSRS employees are contributing LESS than five percent of their salary to the Thrift Savings Plan known as TSP. You can increase your TSP contributions at any time through the Employee Benefits Information System which is accessed from the ABC-C website at https://www.abc.army.mil.

Parent Support Group

Looking for support in balancing your role as an active duty service member and parent? Drop by the first Thursday of every month for Active Duty Parent Support Group. Talk to other parents in a similar situation, share ideas, resources and support. For more information, call (706)791-5220.

Abuse & Neglect

Help prevent Child Abuse and Neglect by standing up and speaking out. For more information, call at ACS Family Advocacy at (706)791-3648, (706)791-6632.

Single service members

BOSS HQ is open for Single Service members to come and relax. There are have several televisions to watch your favorite shows or put on the latest news, game, or movie in the theater room. Quest through the lands of Hyrule on the way to save the Princess Zelda or simply find a nice corner to take a nap in. There is so much available at the BOSS HQ in the Courtyard building next to the Outdoor Pool. For more information, call (706)791-5902.

Lunch workout

Get a quick sweat on during lunch at Cyber Fitness Center. The 30-minute full body bootcamp workout is held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to 12:30 p.m. For more details, call (706)791-7370.

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