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Free income tax filing for service members, families and retirees

Fort Gordon Tax Center

Tax season is here. Soldiers, family members, and retirees at Fort Gordon undoubtedly have questions about filing tax. This information brief addresses some of the commonly asked questions.

Q: What is the Tax Center?

The Fort Gordon Tax Center is a free tax preparation service supervised by the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate. We help prepare and file both federal and state tax returns at Fort Gordon. Eligible clients include service members and their immediate family members, as well as military retirees and their immediate family members.

Q: When will the Fort Gordon Tax Center open, where will it be located?

The Fort Gordon Tax Center opened for business Jan. 26 and is open until April 18.

The Fort Gordon Tax Center is located at The Courtyard Pool Operations Center, Building 36709.

Q: When should I do my taxes?

While it is best to file as early as possible, some may not have all the documents available to file for several weeks after the tax season begins. You must have all necessary documents before we can help you file your taxes.

The Fort Gordon Tax Center will be able to help redeployed Servicemembers filing both 2015 and 2016 tax returns. If you still have to file your 2015 tax return, please try to come to the Tax Center as soon as you can so your extension does not expire. Also, please bring the necessary paperwork for both years’ returns.

Q: What do I need to bring?

In order for our tax preparers to provide customers with the best service and assistance, you will need to bring all of the proper documents. Every client must have a military ID for the taxpayer and spouse, as well as any power of attorney if applicable.

You MUST also have all of the social security cards for the taxpayer, spouse, and any dependents you claim. You should bring prior years tax returns if they are available.

Q: What are the benefits of having my taxes prepared by the Fort Gordon Tax Center as opposed to a commercial tax preparation providers?

First, it our tax service is a free service; eligible clients do not have to pay to have their returns prepared. Our dedicated and trained staff is ready to prepare both your federal and state tax returns at no cost to you and your family. In addition, by electronically filing your taxes any refund due to you will usually be received within seven to ten business days. If there are any errors in your return, we have tax specialists available year round to assist you in correcting the problem.

If you chose to use an outside tax preparer and the IRS later alerts you to a problem or error, you will need to track down and return to that same private tax preparer for help. This can sometimes lead to problems if the error is discovered after the regular tax season has ended as many private tax preparation providers are only open seasonally.

For more information, call the Fort Gordon Tax Center at (706) 787-1040.

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