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Updating children’s records vital to their good health, welfare

By Bonnie Heater
Fort Gordon Public Affairs Office

Keeping your child’s records accurate is an important aspect of being a parent of a child enrolled with Fort Gordon Child, Youth and School Services. It’s one way of making sure your child receives the best care from those who take care of them.

Parents who have their children enrolled in any of the Fort Gordon CYSS facilities are reminded of the importance of keeping their child’s information current and updated.

This information includes: financial information, children’s ages, and shot records, according to Leslie Gladney, CYSS Outreach Services specialist. “This information is part of the initial registration at any of the CYSS facilities on post,” said Leslie Gladney.

“Keeping your child’s records updated is important for accountability,” said Betty Exume, Child Development

Center Education Program specialist. “When we have an emergency we need to know who is receiving care with us and how to reach the parents or guardian.”

“Changes do happen in a child’s life. It’s important to notify us as soon as a change occurs,” explained Melissa Drinnen, CYSS Program Operations specialist.

“It’s also important to let us know if your child has outgrown an allergy, developed a new one, if a child has an illness or what medication(s) the child is taking,” Drinnen said. “We can enter this critical information into the secured site, CYM Trac Database System, and distribute it to all our sites for the program managers to download and use.”

Knowing what allergies your child has is also very important to the CYSS staff. “If don’t know if a child is allergy to nuts or milk, for example, and that’s what is being served, it can be potentially life threaten,” Exume explained.

The Fort Gordon CYSS web trac can also be a valuable resource to parents. It can be used to download forms for registration which will cut the time it takes to register children at CYSS. Parents can use the system to make payments, sign up for other activities, make duplicate of receipts, and look up information to do their taxes, according to Gladney. It can be located by going to google.com and entering CYS Webtrac Fort Gordon.

Check out the following YouTube video for more information about the importance of keeping your child’s records updated: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=BnrIyGNXAQo &feature=share&list=UUV ZO-p5AZY5m2.

Additional information may be found by visiting http://www.fortgordon.com/ cyss.php or drop by the CYSS at Building 44401 on 44th Street.

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