2014-03-07 / Viewpoint

Daylight saving time equals safety time

By Richard W. Rudolph
Installation Safety Office

Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. Daylight saving time is right around the corner (Sunday to be exact) and now it’s time to get things ready. Ready for what, you may say? As we prepare to change the time on our clocks why not take the time to change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Setting the clocks will get you to school or work on time but changing the batteries in your home’s detector systems could save your life.

An easy reminder is to think: change the clocks, changes the batteries. You can do this each time daylight saving time goes into effect. If you have children get them involved by telling them what you’re doing and why. Next season ask them what else it is you do when you set the clock back or ahead by one hour. Pick up the batteries today and place them next to a clock as this will be another reminder to change them come Sunday.

Taking time to replace the batteries in your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors is time well spent. It could save the life of you and your family. The use of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors saves lives by alerting you to danger and giving you the time you and your family need to safely get outside before it’s too late.

Take this opportunity to make sure young children know what the alarms sound like and that they know what to do when they sound off. It is important to have an emergency action plan in place at home. Involve your children when you create the plan by asking questions such as: Where should we meet when we go outside? What do you do if the door feels hot? Why is it important to crawl on the floor when there is smoke?

Explain to children that they are not to grab toys or other material items as they are only things, whereas you and your loved ones are priceless.

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