2014-03-07 / News Update

AIE fully enforced March 15

On March 15, the enforcement of the Automated Installation Entry gate security system policy will begin. All DoD identification card holders entering AIE lanes at all gates must be registered. Non-registered DoD personnel will be directed to Gate 1’s Visitor Control Center for registration.

Although using the AIE system may be slightly less convenient for some drivers entering the installation, officials with the Directorate of Emergency Services say the program’s focus is on improving security, not convenience, adding that it has already proven its worth by identifying several personnel who were restricted from entering the installation. They add that, as the Fort Gordon community gets more accustomed to swiping their ID cards properly, the wait time should be significantly reduced.

Patrons can help decrease waiting at the gate by: positioning their vehicles close to the AIE pedestal; having their windows rolled down; and having their ID cards ready, with the barcode facing inward.

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