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ARNG to receive the first release of IPPS-A

By Marissa Bartus-Dobson
Army National Guard G1 Strategic Command

The Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army, or IPPS-A, is the Army’s cutting edge, webenabled Personnel and Pay, Human Resources management system that standardizes, streamlines, and shares critical data across the Active Army, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve. When fully implemented, this system will create one personnel and pay record for each Soldier for their entire career. It will also automate pay procedures so personnel actions automatically trigger associated pay events.

IPPS- A will deploy its first release in three waves by Component in Fiscal Year 2014, starting with the Army National Guard, or ARNG. The new IPPS-A program will serve Soldiers by improving the management of their personnel information by streamlining their personnel and pay functions, and correcting current system deficiencies.

The system will be released in waves in order to ensure an optimal state for final deployment. This gradual integration using smaller test groups will allow for errors to quickly be identified and resolved prior to future deployments. Wave 1 will provide the ARNG with a trusted database of personnel information and the ability for a Solider to view and retrieve their Soldier Record Brief, or SRB, Wave 2 will provide the same capability to the Active Army, and Wave 3 will be available to all Components. Additionally, Wave 3 will allow administrators and leaders the ability to view and retrieve SRBs as well as access nine pre-defined personnel queries.

The nine pre-defined personnel queries will provide Human Resources, or HR professionals preformatted, multi-component queries that may be manipulated to meet each HR professional’s individual need. The nine queries include: Personnel Management, Assigned Duty Title, Demographics Information, Certification & Qualification, Member Availability and Restriction, Overseas & Deployment History, Annual Records Review, Service Data, and Promotion Information.

The following outlines Waves 1, 2, and 3 of the release, as well as expands on what is to be expected for each wave.

Wave 1 will be available to the Army National Guard and will contain:

• Soldier access to view and retrieve their own SRB

• SRB training via IPPS-A

Wave 2 will be available to the Active Duty and the Army National Guard and will contain:

• Soldier access to view and retrieve their own SRB

• SRB Training via IPPS-A Wave 3 will be available to all Components and will contain:

• Soldier access to view and retrieve their own SRB

• HR professional and leader access to view and retrieve their Soldiers’ SRB

• HR professional and leader access to view and retrieve nine pre-defined personnel queries

• SRB and nine predefined queries training available via IPPS-A

At the conclusion of Wave 1, ARNG Soldiers and leaders will focus on ensuring that personnel data is correctly displayed on the SRB. The new SRB is a multi-component report that will eventually replace the Enlisted and Officer Record Briefs and the DA Form 2-1. It represents a snapshot of a Soldier’s military career displaying 11 sections which include personnel information, qualification skills, training, assignment history and other Soldier data. A template and description of the SRB is available on the IPPS-A website at: www.IPPS-A.army.mil/SRB.

For more information on each wave, visit the IPPS-A Deployment page: https://www.ipps-a.army. mil/deployment. To submit a question, please visit: https://www.ipps-a.army. mil/contact. The IPPSA program will provide deployment timelines as soon as they are readily available. Additionally, you may contact 1st Lt. Chris Valdez with any further questions at Christopher.b.valdez.mil@ mail.mil or 703-607-7070.

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