2014-02-21 / Community Events

Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club announces annual fashion show

By Meredith Poldrack-Segrist
Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club

The Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club invites all in the Central Savannah River Area to the fashion show dedicated to artfully building a wardrobe on a dime, Thrift Shop Chic. The annual fashion show features fabulous contemporary and vintage finds straight from the racks at the Fort Gordon Thrift Shop. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 12 at the Gordon Conference and Catering Center on Fort Gordon.

“So many people don’t know about the bargains to be found at the Fort Gordon Thrift Shop,” said Angela Kennedy, FGSCC president. “Our annual fashion show is a fun way to showcase the variety of items available and let people know that anyone can shop and save at the Thrift Shop.”

Those attending Thrift Shop Chic will enjoy a full-service buffet lunch for $14 while watching the show. The talented Gail Fitzpatrick will emcee the event once again. Club members and members of the community will model the clothes.

Items from the Thrift Shop, including clothing, sporting goods and house wares, will be available for sale after the show. Only cash or check will be accepted. For those interested in disposing of gentlyused items, donation bins and forms for a tax deduction also will be available.

“The volunteers at the shop and I are so excited about showing off the amazing clothes you can find here,” said Stephanie Lainez, manager of the Thrift Shop. “ We know everyone will have an awesome time at the show and we hope to see some new faces at the shop because of it.”

Those looking for unique collectibles and gifts, a representative from FGSCC will be selling decorative vinyl signs and customized coasters as well as Fort Gordon-themed memorabilia and the FGSCC cookbook, Magnolia Munchies.

Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club is an active part of the Fort Gordon community, leading community service projects, operating the Thrift Shop and providing volunteer opportunities, special events and activities.

A private nonprofit organization, Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club is not affiliated with Fort Gordon or the U.S. Army. Membership in the club is $15 annually and is open to anyone affiliated with Fort Gordon. For more information or to join, please visit www.fgscc.com.

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