2014-02-07 / News Update

Housing website changes

Effective Jan. 1 the Automated Housing Referral Network stopped being the official Department of Defense’s website for househunting. Although AHRN is no longer a DOD endorsed website it is still a tool that property managers can use to advertise their properties and a website that military can continue to use to search for housing. The DOD is ending its contract with AHRN and working to develop HOMES. mil which should be operational by July. In HOMES.mil military families will be able to search for adequate and affordable homes around military installations worldwide and property managers will be able to input and modify their own property listing information. In the interim, property managers may also call the Housing Services Office at 791-5116/9656 or email valerie.l.scott8.civ@ mail.mil or sharon.l.butler. civ@mail.mil to have property manager listing forms sent to them. These forms will be used to make changes to existing listings and acquire new listings.

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