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Super Bowl Sunday is coming to a TV near you

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Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. It’s that time of year again folks. In some places, the snow is beginning to fall, and the roads are beginning to ice up. That said it is also everybody’s favorite time of year to gather in living rooms, sports bars and other gathering places to watch “America’s Game” … the Super Bowl.

With the divisional playoffs in our rearview mirrors, the planning is underway for the big Sunday event. For Super Sunday we buy all sorts of food and lots of beer and liquor. As such, there are some things to consider when planning this event:

1. Have a plan to keep perishable foods safe from contamination.

• Keep hot foods hot at 140 degrees or above (hot wings, little smokies, hot finger foods).

• Keep cold foods cold; below 40 degrees.

• Dairy products are considered food items. Keep them below 40 degrees as well.

• Keep your freezer at 0 (zero) degrees for frozen goods until needed, to include ice pops and frozen ice cream treats for the kids.

• Place all trays out within one hour of guests arriving. They will appear fresher and more attractive (more likely to disappear, eliminating leftovers).

2. Make room to make your guests as comfortable as possible. Prevent slips, trips and falls by making room indoors and outdoors to watch the game. Some people like to sit on chairs and sofas. Some like to stand and drink ice cold beverages and snack. Keep this in mind.

3. Place all canned and bottled (hand-type) drinks in ice-filled coolers throughout the area (indoors and outdoors). This eliminates the need to wait in line for your favorite beverages.

Now, a word about adult beverages; we always hear the commercials saying “Drink responsibly”. Here are a few helpful suggestions:

If you are hosting an event, have a ‘key box’ or ‘key nook’ with hooks available to hold keys of those who over-indulge. If you see someone who has had “a few too many,” please do one of the following:

• Call them a taxi.

• If you are able to, drive them home yourself. That way, you know they got home safely.

• If you have the space available, have them “sleep it off” in your home. If they argue, call the police. They will either calm down, or spend the night in a dry out tank downtown.

If you drink and don’t normally get ‘tanked’, drink responsibly and have a plan to get home safely.

These are but a few of many suggestions that will make your gathering a success, and will bring many happy memories for all involved.

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