2014-01-17 / Chaplain's News

Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club announces Art Night Out at Artsy Me

By Meredith Poldrack-Segrist
Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club

The Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club invites all to unleash their creativity during Art Night Out Feb. 12 at Artsy Me. Members and new friends can decorate beautiful clay art pieces, fellowship and learn more about the club. The event runs from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Artsy Me studio, located at 4275 Washington Road.

“From mugs to bowls to wall art, Artsy Me has a wide selection of pottery to choose from,” said Angela Kennedy, FGSCC president. “You can decorate them any way you like for your home or to give as gifts.”

Those attending Art Night Out are asked to pay $5 to Artsy Me plus the cost of their chosen pottery. Some items available at Artsy Me run for as little as $5 a piece.

“Artsy Me handles all of the details—paint, brushes and making the pottery,” said Kennedy. “You just have to bring your creative spirit and a willingness to have fun.”

Art Night Out attendees can enjoy a buffet of snacks and sodas generously provided by the FGSCC board. Plus, for those looking for unique collectibles and gifts, a representative from FGSCC Ways & Means will be selling customized coasters, jewelry and decorative signs as well as Fort Gordon-themed memorabilia and the FGSCC cookbook, Magnolia Munchies.

Those attending the event are encouraged to bring pet food and old towels as part of the FGSCC President’s Service Drive. The items will be donated to Heartsong Spay Neuter Clinic and Fort Gordon Veterinary Treatment Facility on behalf of the club.

Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club is an active part of the Fort Gordon community, leading community service projects, operating the Thrift Shop and providing volunteer opportunities, special events and activities.

A private nonprofit organization, Fort Gordon Spouses’ & Civilians’ Club is not affiliated with Fort Gordon or the U.S. Army. Membership in the club is $15 annually and is open to anyone affiliated with Fort Gordon. For more information or to join, visit www.fgscc.com.

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