2014-01-10 / Community Events

Naval officers serve meals for the hungry

By Petty Officer 3rd Class Robert A. Hartland
Navy Information Operations Command Georgia Public Affairs

Naval officers from Navy Information Operations Command Georgia served meals to the hungry Jan. 4 during a volunteer service event in Augusta, Ga.

NIOC GA officers and Golden Harvest Food Bank, an organization that operates the Masters Table Soup Kitchen, organized the volunteer effort.

“Almost every day there are groups such as these Navy officers or individuals that come and work at the kitchen,” said Daniel Saucier, chef of Masters Table Soup Kitchen.”Without groups volunteering it would probably be impossible to serve all of the people that pass through the kitchen each and every day.”

At the Masters Table there are usually 300 people seeking meals daily. The soup kitchen is open 365 days a year and it takes more than 30 volunteers per day to operate. Volunteers help prepare and serve the meals, greet guests and take on special tasks.

“After seeking out an opportunity to help those hungry within our own community, I reviewed a list of available volunteer opportunities that all fall under the umbrella of Golden Harvest Food Bank,” said Lt. Cmdr. Scott Brown.

The majority of guests at Masters Table are not homeless. Whether from losing a job or struggling with medical bills, the truth is that most guests simply cannot afford to pay for food.

“We offered the invitation to volunteer to other military members that we work and some of our family members. We hope to continue with helping to feed the hungry within our community in the future,” said Brown.

No matter who walks through the doors, every guest has a unique story to tell. For this reason, Masters Table encourages all its volunteers and visitors to sit down with a guest for a few minutes to listen.

“Serving a simple meal gives a hungry person hope that they can make it through another day,” said Brown. “Giving back to those who can’t provide themselves or their family a meal helps all of our volunteers see, with each plate served, that they are able make a difference.”

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