2013-12-20 / Community Events

Bring in 2014 with a blast of safety

By Richard W. Rudolph
Installation Safety Office

Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. Metro Creative Graphics, Inc. However New Year’s Eve is celebrated this year, plan to make it a good one to remember. Whether attending parties or watching the ball drop on TV at home, going to go to a club or a friend’s house, be safe on New Year’s Eve. Take the time and do some preplanning and add a few more things to make it more memorable.

• Don’t drink and drive; stay where you are at or call a cab.

• Prearrange a designated driver before going out to a party.

• Offer nonalcoholic drinks and serve food and snacks at parties.

• If hosting the party at your house, collect the car keys as people arrive so they don’t just leave after having too much to drink.

• Offer party games to keep guests active, so they don’t just drink and talk.

• Never leave a drink unattended; someone could add something to it or if under age children are present they could grab it and drink it.

• If at a club, stay in groups; don’t let a friend wander off alone.

• If you plan to use fireworks at your New Years Eve celebration, Avoid alcohol if you have been drinking, it only adds a hazard to you and others.

• Have a des ignat - ed person, who has not been drinking, handle the fireworks.

• Never fire guns in to the air; the round will fall some place.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration and have fun while using these common sense safety tips. Having a plan and sticking to it is more fun and a lot less expensive than a ride in a police car or ambulance.

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