2013-12-06 / Spectrum

Stay informed as power outage, AIE approach

With the Thanksgiving weekend in our rear view mirror and the Christmas- New Year’s holiday season on the horizon, the temptation to “sign off” and turn our attention away from official sources of information is great, and it’s understandable. It has been a tough year for everyone, and as a community Fort Gordon has come through it with flying colors.

You deserve to “take a knee,” and we hope you do; you’ve earned it. But while 2013 is winding down, keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on the Signal, the installation Facebook page, command information bulletins, your unit bulletin board and other Fort Gordon sources of information on which you rely.

Here are two excellent reasons to stay on top of what’s happening in the Fort Gordon community, up to and through the holidays - the planned Dec. 28 power outage and the roll-out of the Automated Installation Entry system in January.

First, the power outage. No one wanted to cut power to virtually all of the installation during the holidays, but it was unavoidable. As Fort Gordon Garrison Commander Col. Samuel G. Anderson said in last week’s edition of the Signal, “This is necessary work to ensure our power grid continues to be reliable for our service members and families. We had to select a day that would provide the least disruption to operations on post, and we had to select a day that wouldn’t interfere with the community’s observance of Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Day. Obviously, we’d rather not do this at all, but we think Dec. 28 provides the least inconvenience for our military organizations and our residents.”

The Signal and all of your other reliable sources of official information will be feeding you updates on how to be prepared for the outage and any changes in how it will be conducted. By planning ahead, you can avoid the waste of food that normally accompanies power outages, and dodge the problems that always seem to crop up when the lights come back on. You and your family can stay safe by staying informed.

Right on the heels of the New Year’s holiday, we’ll be flipping the switch to activate the Automated Installation Entry system, more commonly known as AIE. That, too, requires preparation to avoid problems. After all, you need to be registered with the system. If you’re a military member, a family member, a civilian employee, a retiree, a contractor, or anyone who has regular access to Fort Gordon via a DoD ID card, you need to register. If you haven’t, then you should – right away. If you have, then you need to help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors who need to register. A smooth transition to AIE depends largely on how many people get registered as they should.

You can learn more about how AIE will work and how you can weather the transition by visiting the Fort Gordon website. A special page dedicated to informing you about the system is available at http://gordon. army.mil/news/automated_ installation_ entry/. There, you’ll find everything from how to register to a slide show showing you how AIE works. We’ll make more information available there, in the Signal, and on Facebook as the big day draws nearer.

Both the power outage and the AIE activation are big days for our community. You can help make them successful days, mostly by simply staying informed. We’ll give you everything you need to know.

All you have to do is come and get it.

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