2013-12-06 / Community Events

A few tips to help beat the holiday blues:

• Take it one day at a time – try to avoid looking at this time of year as the “holiday season,” instead try to break it down day by day, think of it as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day. Often, it is easier to think “I can get through this day” rather than thinking “I can get through this season.”

• Get in touch with family members by writing letters, visiting or making phone calls.

• Try to avoid retail therapy – fight the temptation to spend extra money to make you feel better as this can lead to increased stress or depression when the credit card bills arrive.

• Give yourself permission to have fun – it is normal to be sociable during the holidays, even if your loved one is not available to attend events with you.

• Ask for help--you don’t need to be superman or superwoman; you do not need to wing it alone, depend on close family and friends to help you through this time.

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