2013-11-29 / Viewpoint

Thanksgiving Holiday safety

By Maj. Gen. LaWarren V. Patterson and Command Sgt. Maj. Ronald S. Pflieger
U.S. Army Signal Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon

We would like to personally thank you all for your unwavering dedication and service this year. During these times of uncertainty, we have experienced challenges as an organization and a nation, yet you unyielding spirit has remained resilient. This is the spirit of the American people, the characteristic of strength and brotherhood that our country was built on.

Remain vigilant this Thanksgiving season as you visit with family, friends, and loved ones. Take your time and travel safely. Exercise sound judgment. Be aware of your environment to include weather conditions and holiday activities that draw large crowds of people. Reinforce the wearing of seatbelts, do not use electronic devices in any capacity while operating a vehicle, and do not drink and drive.

Leaders, continue to utilize the resources provided by the Combat Readiness Center and Fort Gordon Safety Office. Talk to your Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and civilians; know their plans and implement safety standards to prevent avoidable accidents.

On this Thanksgiving Day, let us join together in giving thanks for our family and friends. Let’s celebrate our freedom and the great strengths that have resulted from sharing our traditions, ideas, hopes, and dreams.

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