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Installation-wide power outage to improve grid

Fort Gordon Public Affairs Office

An installation- wide power outage will turn the lights out on virtually all of Fort Gordon Dec. 28, allowing Georgia Power to make much- needed improvements to the post’s power substation.

Post officials say the outage will last approximately seven hours beginning at 9 a.m. and ending about 4 p.m. They add that, in the event of inclement weather, the outage could be postponed to the following day.

Fort Gordon Garrison Commander Col. Samuel Anderson says the command looked at all options before settling on Dec. 28 as the date for the power outage.

“This is necessary work to ensure our power grid continues to be reliable for our service members and families,” Anderson said. “We had to select a day that would provide the least disruption to operations on post, and we had to select a day that wouldn’t interfere with the community’s observance of Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Day.

“Obviously, we rather not do this at all, but we think Dec. 28 provides the least inconvenience for our military organizations and our residents.”

During the outage, power will remain on at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Center, in order to keep emergency health services available. A small number of other agencies on post, including NSA-Georgia’s Whitelaw Building, will remain powered up during the outage. Some MWR facilities will also remain open; a complete list will be published in a future edition of the Signal. However, almost all other facilities, including the Exchange and Commissary, will power down during the outage.

“We hope that by notifying the community this far in advance, organizations and families can plan for the outage and minimize the disruption to their lives,” Anderson said. “For example, they can prepare their homes and appliances for the outage and spend the day elsewhere, and they can plan their meals and grocery shopping so that less food is at risk while the refrigerator and freezer are powered off.

“We’ll be providing much more information between now and the outage on how you can prepare yourselves, your offices and your homes for the outage.”

During the outage, the Garrison plans to activate the Installation Operations Center in order to facilitate handling of any emergencies that may arise.

Installation officials recommend that off-post military families postpone visits to the installation until after power is restored. They also strongly recommend that residents of the installation plan now to reschedule holiday visits to their homes during the outage.

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