2013-11-15 / Spectrum

Christmas House opens its doors

On Friday, November 22, at 10 a.m., the Fort Gordon Christmas House will swing open its doors for yet another year of helping members of our community have a happy holiday season.

For 47 years, the Christmas House has been making sure that service members who need a little extra help during holiday season can give their families the traditional holiday celebration they deserve. In 1966, a group of Army nurses started what has evolved into the Christmas House by giving teddy bears to the children of Soldiers who were serving in Vietnam. After almost five decades of loving support to military families, the program has grown help an average of 269 families and 757 children annually.

The Christmas House is no longer a cottage; it’s a mansion, lovingly occupied by the Fort Gordon spirit of community. But it’s not full – it never will be. There’s always room in the Christmas House for those who want to give of themselves for their fellow men and women.

Military newspapers must walk a fine line between informing the community of charitable events and programs and endorsing those programs. Army and DoD policies prevent us from actively encouraging participation in fund-raisers or private service organizations. We will not violate those rules in these pages.

But we can tell you this. Christmas House is a very special program, run by very special people for the most special people of all – military families. Christmas House depends on volunteers and donations to be able to bring the goodness of the holiday season to the families each year. We think it’s fantastic, and we think anyone who knows anything about it will, too.

And what better place and time to learn more about this labor of love than at the Christmas House’s annual open house on November 22?

This year’s theme is “A Little Bit of Holly But A Whole Lot of Jolly.” There’ll be music, fun, and an opportunity to thank the dozens of people whose unit fund-raisers and individual efforts made this year’s program possible. But more important, there’ll be a chance to see the amazing preparations and work the Christmas House staff has done to prepare for another year of good will during the holidays.

We think you should go see what they do. You’ll enjoy it. More important, you’ll probably want to help.

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