2013-11-08 / Spectrum

AIE – A change that shouldn’t scare anyone

Most people at Fort Gordon know that the Automated Installation Entry system is coming to the installation’s gates. The system will require you to swipe your identification card through a card reader in order to enter the installation.

Most people also know that, in order to use the system to enter the installation, you have to be registered.

Most people also haven’t registered.

So, now that we know AIE will be used starting in January 2014, what are most people doing? Panicking.

Don’t panic. In fact, you should applaud the use of this new technology to make our installation and our community safer and more secure. But, in order to avoid some hiccups when the system is brought online in January, everyone needs to register. And, by “everyone,” we mean EVERYONE.

Service members. Family members. Civilian employees. Retirees and their family members. Contractors. And, anyone with regular access to the installation granted by the military police. All need to register.

Registration is easy. You can register at the Military Police Administration section at Darling Hall or the Visitor Control Center at Gate 1. Bring your DoD-issued identification card (CAC, family member, retiree, etc.), and the personnel on hand will get you registered so that the AIE system will recognize your card when you swipe it.

Come January, when you arrive at the gate, you’ll swipe your ID through a card reader. The AIE system will read your card and display your information to a guard at the gate. If everything’s in order, the barrier will rise and you can go about your business at Fort Gordon. If something goes wrong, a guard will still be on hand to quickly assist and get you on your way – or send you packing, if you’re not authorized entry. That’s the beauty of the system.

Only one person per vehicle will have to swipe an ID card, which means the ID cardholder assumes responsibility for the others in the vehicle. But it also means a quicker transit through the gate for you and your guests.

AIE should provide a safer environment at Fort Gordon without compromising the flow of traffic. However, keeping traffic flowing depends mainly on getting people registered in the system. Once the system is activated, those who aren’t registered will still be allowed to enter through the “AIE-only” gates during a 30-day grace period. After that, whether you’re an ID cardholder or not, there will be only one way for you to enter Fort Gordon – through the visitor’s lane at Gate 1. Once that grace period ends, if you pull into the AIE lane and you’re not registered, you’ll be turned away and directed to the visitor’s lane. And you’ll be part of the reason for slowing the flow of vehicles at the gate.

Don’t be “that guy” who keeps people waiting at the gates. Get registered with the AIE system, and tell your friends, co-workers, fellow retirees and family members to do the same. By doing so, you’ll help keep traffic moving – and keep Fort Gordon safe.

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