2013-10-25 / Front Page

Post preps for fall clean-up

By Nick Spinelli
Fort Gordon Public Affairs Office

Fort Gordon will begin its month-long environmental fall clean-up Nov. 1.

The last major post clean-up was held in May.

“ This program isn’t designed to take away from the idea that post beautification is a year- round responsibility of everyone that works and lives on Fort Gordon,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Kenneth Stockton, the Garrison command sergeant major. “We must concentrate on areas where we work and live, to include unit, billeting, departmental, training and common areas.”

To that end, efforts will be made to clean up, repair, and otherwise beautify the various areas on the installation, including common and training areas, workspaces, and ranges. Units will be assigned areas of responsibility, including around the barracks, work spaces, training areas, ranges, common areas. Additionally, individuals working in buildings will handle the areas around their work spaces. Although service members will be given cleaning assignments, civilian employees and family members are also encouraged to participate.

“This is a great time for people living in housing or working on post to clean out their homes or office spaces and get rid of stuff they don’t want or need,” Stockton said. “This way, we are all working together to make Fort Gordon a great place to live, work, and play.”

The clean-up months are for more than making the post look good. During this year’s spring clean-up, Bruce Grant, range manager, said the twice-a-yearevent is also about safety.

“It’s good stewardship,” he said. “There are some things, especially, out in the farther training areas, where people can get hurt. This clean-up helps us find those and mitigate the risk.”

The clean-up will run throughout the month of November, during which all trimmed shrubbery and branches will be deposited on Barton Field. This pile will then be used in a bonfire to be held during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony Dec. 5.

“I want to encourage everyone to get out and be a part of this event,” Stockton said. “It’s good for Fort Gordon and it’s good for the people that live and work here.”

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