2013-09-27 / Spectrum

Time to strengthen our safety nets

This year’s Combined Federal Campaign is just getting under way, and we think it’s important to set something straight right up front.

The CFC is important, perhaps more so than ever. You should consider a donation.

A few weeks back, when members of the civilian workforce were suffering through a 20 percent loss of pay and military personnel were working harder to make up for the lost productivity, a frequent refrain heard was, “Well, if that’s all the leadership thinks of me, then don’t come knocking when the CFC/AER/ name-another-fundraiser drive kicks off.”

That’s understandable. But it’s wrong, and it’s remarkably shortsighted.

As these words are being written, the possibility of a government shutdown looms large. No one knows what the fiscal year 2014 budget will bring. There have been rumors of end strength reductions, new furloughs or worse. The future is uncertain, and if you’re not a little concerned, then you’re just not paying attention.

But healthy service organizations are exactly what we need to preserve during uncertain times. You never know when you might be the person who needs the kind of help they can provide. And preserving the ability to provide that help is exactly what the CFC is all about.

The people of the United States, and people across our planet, need strong safety nets now more than ever. The Combined Federal Campaign helps make sure those safety nets can catch us when we fall, and help us spring back to our feet as quickly as possible. But those charitable organizations can’t do it alone. They need donors, good men and women willing to make a small contribution to benefit their fellow human beings. We have many such good men and women here in the Central Savannah River Area and at Fort Gordon.

Last year, the CFC of the CSRA took in $711,000; $384,000 of that came from here at Fort Gordon. That contributed to the $258 million donated by federal employees and military personnel across the government, and part of the $2.4 billion donated since 2004. That’s real money, and it’s making a real difference.

This year, Fort Gordon’s goal is only slightly more than last year’s total; we’d like to raise $400,000. We can do it, too, and we should. After all, it’s in our own best interest.

Let’s not lose sight of the real reason to give; the CFC is about doing something good for our fellow men and women, and that should be reason enough to make a small contribution. But it’s also an insurance policy, put in place to protect against an uncertain tomorrow.

So think it over. Talk to your unit or agency CFC representative, and considering making a donation during this year’s campaign.

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