2013-09-20 / Viewpoint

AIT Warrior Spotlight

Photo courtesy of the 15th Signal Brigade Photo courtesy of the 15th Signal Brigade Note: A weekly feature showcasing the newest members of the United States Army, young Soldiers who are attending Advanced Individual Training in their selected Military Occupational Specialty, will be featured in the Signal. These Soldiers have been selected by their chain of command based on achievement and in keeping with what it means to live the Army values.

Say hello to 17-year old Pfc. Luke Harding, a Boonville, N.C., native assigned to B Co., 369th Signal Battalion, 15th Regimental Signal Brigade. Harding is currently in training for MOS 25U, signal support systems specialist, and joined the Army in February 2013. He has a lineage of military service in his family to include his father, grandfather, and great grandfather. What inspired him to join was to serve God and country. During his senior year in high school he had an interest in computer security, which his teachers motivated him to put a team together for a wargaming competition known as the “Toaster Wars.” Wargames in the computer security world involve hacking competitions and proactive scenarios. The first Harding has ever participated in. With a five-person team of friends the responsibilities were divided up among those who specialize in networking, forensics, and exploration. His specialty was reverse engineering and writing exploit code. Working together, “the Chimaras” completed 80 percent of the challenges and scored in the top 5-10 percent, 200 out of 6,000.

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